Bar Tending

Bar trending courses in pondicherry

Bartending course is a quite unconventional course. However, it has become extremely important in the modern world and the Hospitality industry. It has a tremendous scope in the future with increasing job opportunities. A bartender not only serves, but also mixes, prepares, and formulates the recipes for the drink menu. Bartending is considered one of the Coolest professions in the Hotel Management Industry. The nature of the profession contributes to its appeal.

To make a career in the field of Bar Tending in JIHM, candidates should be able to multi-task and having positive body language and having an innate capability to cater to people’s demands.

Key Skills

  • Pleasant personality
  • Friendly disposition
  • Good communication skills
  • Calm and patient

Career Aspects and Jobs

  • Mixology
  • Bar keeping
  • Bar management
  • Craftsmanship

Job opportunities

  • Hotels / Spas / Resorts
  • Restaurants / Bars / Clubs
  • Airline Kitchens / In-Flight
  • Cruise Liners


Jeppiaar institute of hotel management will teach you all about business and leadership and give you the real-world skills to succeed.

Why Choose JIHM?

Well-equipped & state-of-the-art Kitchens, including Basic Training Kitchen, Quantity Training Kitchen and Advance Training Kitchen for contemporary learning experience in culinary arts.
We blend a traditional model of hospitality education with world-class facilities, fully equipped laboratories, hands-on learning, exciting internships, insightful industry visits and cutting-edge hospitality knowledge.

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