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culinary arts course

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts courses deal with the study to prepare, cook as well as present food/meals effectively and attractively. Pursuing courses in Culinary Arts is an excellent choice for those who want to work in the fields of food and beverage management, kitchen management, and other hospitality and food-related job profiles. Culinary Arts programs teach candidates operational, technical, and managerial skills.

Tourism and travel course

Tourism & Travel Management

Travel and Tourism are a part of the hospitality industry. Candidates who want to make a career in the travel and tourism industry can pursue a course in the same at the undergraduate (UG). Apart from this, aspirants can also pursue diploma and certificate courses in travel and tourism management. Courses in Travel and Tourism Management teach business-specific concepts that are specific to the travel industry.

front office management

Front Office Management

Every organization requires a person/department to attend to visitors at the entry to address their general concerns and queries. The Front Office desk or the reception is the face, which represents the organization. Front Office Management is a key requirement at offices, organizations, hotels, hospitals, and institutes. As we know that customer experience is very important to the success of hospitality and travel businesses.

Food production course

Food Production

Food production is the management of raw and cooked items in the kitchen, culinary, preservation, and related activities in a hotel or restaurant. More specifically, it is the process of transforming raw ingredients into prepared food items and their management. Food production is a major department in the hospitality industry in which candidates can excel by learning various aspects of food production.

House Keeping

House Keeping

It offer theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to maintaining the comfort and cleanliness. After completing a housekeeping course, an aspirant can work at hotels, resorts, guesthouses, travel agencies, etc. The tasks asked of any individual working in the field of housekeeping are working in the laundry room, ironing and laundering towels as well as sheets, cleaning rooms, emptying trash, bed making, and cleaning windows.

Bar Tending course

Bar Tending

Bar tending course is a quite unconventional course. However, it has become extremely important in the modern world and the Hospitality industry. It has a tremendous scope in the future with increasing job opportunities. A bartender not only serves, but also mixes, prepares, and formulates the recipes for the drink menu. Bartending is considered one of the Coolest professions in the Hotel Management Industry.


Jeppiaar institute of hotel management will teach you all about business and leadership and give you the real-world skills to succeed.

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Well-equipped & state-of-the-art Kitchens, including Basic Training Kitchen, Quantity Training Kitchen and Advance Training Kitchen for contemporary learning experience in culinary arts.
We blend a traditional model of hospitality education with world-class facilities, fully equipped laboratories, hands-on learning, exciting internships, insightful industry visits and cutting-edge hospitality knowledge.

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